My mission for Transcending Limitations is two fold.  First and foremost, my main objective is to help each of my clients realize their health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.  Once those goals are reached, or even if they are still in the process of being attained, I  want my clients to realize potential they never knew they had.  Once the initial 15 lbs is lost or they have "toned up" or gained a little strength, I want them to see that they can strive for something more.  Too often times people become complacent and spend the majority of their time in the gym in "maintenance mode", never really getting better at any one thing.  I want my clients to come in to their session thinking about setting a new record on the dead lift, or entering a lifting competition, or running their first race; not just heading to train with me for a "work out."  There are lots of things that make taking your fitness to the next level fairly difficult for the non athlete.  Whether it be finding time to prepare meals, being worn out from work, or not living a healthy lifestyle on the weekends, among other things.  I encourage my clients to strive and transcend those limitations and to push their health and fitness levels to places they once never knew could possibly exist.