• Personal Training

    I train my clients out of HiFi Personal Fitness at 800 N Orleans, Suite 100, Chicago, IL 60610. I work with beginner, intermediate, and advanced level clients, so regardless of your exercise experience I will create a suitable training program for you based on your individual fitness/health status, including but not limited to: general strength training, circuit training, functional training, high intensity interval training, powerlifting, metabolic conditioning, bodybuilding, sports specific training, mobility work, and postural correction. Initial consultation with me is free of charge. We can either meet in person, speak over the phone, or set up a skype to discuss goals, health/injury status, and our game plan to help you reach your fitness objectives. You may choose to set up specific days/times for us to meet on a weekly basis, or you may simply be interested in coming in for a few sessions to learn new exercises or work on your technique. Another option is to come in for several days for me to train you through all the workouts in your weekly program and then you are free to repeat the workouts on your own.