"When I first started training with Grant, my goal was to lose weight. I hated the way I felt: unhealthy, slow, weak…and fat. I avoided looking at my reflection in store windows, and de-tagged almost every picture on Facebook because I wasn’t proud of how I looked. Working with Grant has literally transformed my life. I can’t stress that enough. Within a few months of working with him, I lost almost 35 pounds and dropped more than 10% body fat. I am in the best shape of my life, and I feel incredible. But that’s not even where the story ends. I have now been training with Grant for almost two years, and he has helped me to set and achieve goals – not just aesthetically, but also in strength training and all areas of my physical fitness – that I never knew I could accomplish. Going into the gym by myself, I would have never known what to do in order to achieve the results I wanted, but Grant is amazing and works with me to develop a constantly-evolving program based on my individual abilities and fitness goals. He is so knowledgeable about training, which is evident in his professionalism, his own fitness, and the results he guides his clients to achieve. I am so glad that I started working with Grant, and cannot recommend him highly enough."


"I have been training with Grant since December 2012, almost three years. That in itself is a statement of just how fantastic Grant is at his career! Back in December 2012 when Grant asked me what my goals were for personal training I told him my balance was terrible and I needed to get stronger and in shape. My balance has improved 100% which in itself is a boost to your confidence. I dropped four dress sizes within 6 months and have not gone back up. When I decided to train with Grant I initially thought that I would train with him twice a week for about a year, and then do it myself. After about 6 months I realized that I would never push myself as far as Grant pushes. He takes time developing each program which last four to six weeks each. In the past Grant would ask if a weight was too low and I would typically tell him it was. Now he doesn’t ask, he can tell when the weight needs to go up. He develops strong work relationships with his clients and I look forward to my sessions each week. I tell my family and friends that I feel like I am getting younger and in a way I am. I have never been this strong or this toned. Having that brings greater confidence in all situations and a willingness to try things I have never done before. I plan to continue training with Grant as long as I can!"


"I never would have reached my fitness personal goals if it weren’t for Grant Weaver. He incorporated a breadth of knowledge of nutrition, physiology, and exercise science and designed detailed, personalized programs that enabled me to attain my goals. In addition to his competitive nature and his considerable knowledge base, what distinguishes Grant from the others is that he’s very personable and has a very good sense of when to push and when to ease up. What is more, he is fun and he will take time to explain the science behind his methods. At 46 years old, I am certain I never would have been able to reach my fitness goals or make the lifestyle changes that I really needed to make without his help. It has been a lot of work, but for the first time in a long, long time I really look forward to my time in the gym and I really do feel great. I wish I started training with him sooner."


"I have been training with Grant for over two years since moving to Chicago (as of June 2018). Grant is by far the most talented and intelligent trainer I have ever worked with. He personalizes all of our training sessions to fit my specific needs and goals that I have set for myself. Our workouts are constantly developing and nothing that can be copied catted from online. I have dealt with knee and shoulder pain prior to starting out our sessions. Grant took this into account and rather avoiding the issue, helped me build muscle and strength and to heal so that my workouts are the best they can be. Not only is his attention to every work out above par, but his knowledge of nutrition takes his training to another level. He has helped me planned my diet around building my strength and losing weight. Everything is tailored specifically to me. Grant had changed the way I view exercise, fitness, nutrition, and health. He is nothing but professional and hard working. He is not only a fantastic trainer but a great friend."


"I'm a 56yo male who has hired 4 personal trainers over the last 25 years, and Grant Weaver is easily the best of them. A good number of things set Grant apart from the others I've tried (and from those I've just witnessed in a gym). First, he is an effective motivator without ever using any of the less-than-respectful motivating tactics that some trainers employ. Further, he makes note on a tablet of every exercise / weight-lifting routine that he directs me to do at each session (including weight levels), which info he uses not only to monitor the progress I make, but also to decide the weight at which I should start the next time I do that particular set. Grant also employs a fairly wide array of different exercises and weight-lifting routines so that I am not doing the same thing at every session. And he asks every couple of weeks if there's anything about his training that I would like him to change. Another thing that sets Grant apart is the fact that he hustles. If he wants to utilize for my next round of reps any free weights or other equipment that doesn't happen to be nearby, he literally runs to get it and back, so that I'm rarely ever waiting more than the couple of seconds I need to catch my breath. I should note that Grant is the only trainer I ever see hustling like that in the good-sized, trainer-filled gym in which he trains me. Very importantly, I do not ever see Grant on his phone or engaging in social conversation with other trainers or anyone else at any point in his hour with me. Finally -- on an issue that may be unique to me -- I know a fair bit about nutrition, including what I do right and what I do wrong. So I don't want to devote any workout time to discussing it. While I suspect that Grant is knowledgeable about nutrition and would be happy to address it, I like that he doesn't address it with me.

My only hesitation in recommending Grant Weaver is that I don't want him to get so popular that it becomes hard to schedule with him. But I would recommend him enthusiastically and without hesitation to anyone I know who wants a personal trainer."


"Every training session Grant comes prepared, focused and organized. We move quickly from one exercise to the next so I really feel like I am really getting my money's worth. At the end of the workout I know I have worked hard but not so hard that it stops being fun. Grant is a true professional. I highly recommend him."


"I've been training with Grant for over five years. He is a committed professional and takes a highly personalized approach to each client. He also happens to be a great guy and makes workouts fun. HIGHLY recommended."


"I couldn't be happier that my good friend recommended her trainer, Grant Weaver, to me. We having been working out for 7 months now (as of April 2018), and I have never felt stronger. Grant listens to you and makes sure your workout is balanced and right for you."


"I have been training with Grant since 2013 and am thrilled to see him break out on his own with Transcending Limitations. Grant was referred to me by another trainer (always a good sign) to inject an additional guided workout into my week and I couldn't be happier with the relationship we've built. I have greatly increased my strength, lowered my body fat percentage, and have gained a level of confidence that I wasn't expecting as a result of the focused programming Grant has provided. My favorite thing about Grant is that he is a "no excuses" kind of guy. He is having me do exercises that push me, but that he knows I can accomplish, so there is no point whining on a particularly lazy day. Just do it. Grant is consistent, reliable, and flexible. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for great strength training, as well as a good dose of education about general health."


"I have been a client of Grant’s for approximately 9 months. In this short period of time, I have not only increased my strength and confidence, but have increased my knowledge base of proper nutrition and healthy living. During our sessions, Grant brings his experience and professional background to help mold a program that encourages and works for me. In my opinion, having a trainer that I feel I can lean on, and that is there with me, each step of the way, is valuable to my success. Grant is a top-notch trainer and I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to achieve success in their fitness and well-being goals."


"Training with Grant has exponentially improved my health, appearance and overall perspective on fitness. He quickly won my trust by taking my goals and explaining very clearly what is realistic and how he's going to help me reach them. During sessions, he’s incredibly focused and utilizes every minute so you can leave feeling accomplished. He also takes into account the types of excercises I enjoy to create a blend of fun and goal-oriented workouts. Grant goes above and beyond by creating detailed, supplemental workouts to do on my own and explains how to do each exercise to achieve the greatest benefit. In addition, he gives valuable guidance on meal planning and maintenance. With Grant as my trainer, I know that each week will be a challenge, and I will continuously grow physically stronger, leaner and healthier. Thank you, Grant!" 

(additional testimony)

"I’ve been training with Grant for about 5 years now (since fall 2012) and highly recommend him. From a professional standpoint, he is incredibly reliable, flexible when you need to be, punctual and gives you his full attention (he is NOT the type of trainer to cancel on you last minute or spend half the time staring at his phone). From a training standpoint, my sessions are challenging and customized to include exercises I enjoy and ones that will help me reach my goals. He also gives great advice on nutrition, exercises to do at home, and life in general. Thanks to Grant, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. Honestly, you will not find a better trainer."


"Prior to training with Grant I battled pain in my hip that progressively got worse year after year. At the advice of my physicians I was no longer able to work out, their rational being “If you are in pain you cannot workout”. Unfortunately the pain did not subside except for a brief spell in 2012 during which I took the opportunity to find a personal trainer again which is when I started working with Grant. Shortly after our training began it became clear that my problems hadn’t really subsided and that I needed to have hip surgery. Grant has been a stellar trainer during each unique phase of my fitness and wellness needs. He has patiently listened, adapted and thoughtfully managed my program to support my special needs and my ultimate goal to maintain strength and mobility as I age. One of the things I appreciate most about my work with Grant is that as I age and face both the physical changes that occur with that and the emotional component of coming to terms with it, Grant never judges my fitness level but is my fitness champion." 

(Additional testimony)

"I've been training with Grant for 4 or 5 years (since early 2013) at this point. I have worked with many good trainers over the years and I absolutely believe Grant is the best. Navigating professionalism in such an intimate working relationship isn't always easy. Grant makes you feel at ease speaking about the potentially sensitive topic of your health; disabilities, injuries, limitations, physical goals and diet. Under Grants direction and in conjunction with some surgery I've been able to confront and resolve some lifelong pain issues. Over these past many years Grant has continued to work with me week after week to find the right program for ME, one that meets my needs and goals but also challenges me and my body to grow even stronger. Grant has never been late, never been unresponsive, never ever been inappropriate, never been unprepared for our sessions and I think he has missed only 1 session due to illness. He is always friendly and social but really is responsive to how much I feel like talking...I never feel like I have to chit chat with him if I don't really want to. He is always attentive to my form to my workout even when we are talking, he does not get lost in the conversation at the expense of my training. Grant is a lifelong learner and is whip smart, he is always learning new training techniques and ideas and incorporating those into our sessions, my workouts never feel stale or old."


"When I started training with Grant nearly 6 years ago, it had been many years since I exercised or participated in any sort of physical activity outside of what my job demanded of me. Grant worked with me to create programs that eased me into resistance training and gradually increased the intensity of our workouts. I quickly became exponentially stronger, I felt healthier, many aches and pains that I had assumed were just a fact of life began to fade away, and I gained more confidence. After a while, I began to look for ways to physically push myself outside of the gym as well, and in the last couple of years I have completed the Spartan Stadium Race, Spartan Sprint, 3-5k,3-8k, 2-10k,3-15k, 2-10 mile races and I am in the process of training for the 2015 Chicago Marathon! Not only is Grant an outstanding trainer, but he makes tough training sessions fun and engaging with his unique blend of exercise and nutrition knowledge coupled with a sense of humor. I was hesitant to start working with a trainer as I assumed they would be extremely judgmental about the shape I was in at the time but once I began working with Grant I realized that he is a true professional who cares deeply for the well being of all his clientele. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to make a positive change in my lifestyle with Grant’s help." 


"I have worked with many trainers in Chicago, Grant Weaver is truly one of the best. Grant is very passionate and knowledgable about fitness and he knows how to get results. In the two years we have worked together I have seen great results due to his focus on my personal goals."


"Grant does a great job tailoring my routine to my goals, and keeping it always challenging and interesting.  He pushes me to stretch what I thought were my limits, and accommodates appropriately when necessary for past injuries without letting me use them as an excuse."